We went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops – I love that they allow you to take your own photos, and have a GREAT Santa! Christopher has asked all season for a trumpet, but when he got up to Santa, he got shy. He only asked for a candy cane. I think Santa knows he wants a trumpet though, and will probably come through! 🙂 I had a friend make some hats for the boys, and used them for our Christmas card as well…I love the little candy cane hats, and there’s only a short amount of time that the boys will let me put them in things like that!

The workshop, Finding the Holiday Joy by Kelly Willette has helped me capture so many of these great moments this year – more to come in the next few weeks!


Here’s a sampling of photos from our morning at the tree farm with Bumpy and Cici! Christopher was a good little helper, and was so excited about riding on the trailer in back of the tractor. This was a start to our 2010 Christmas Season! (Click on the collage to view a larger version.)

And thanks to Kelly at Willette Designs for the awesome inspiration and instruction in this workshop! More to come!

I know this blog hasn’t gotten any use in a VERY long time (yet again) – since my last post, we’ve added a new little family member, Patrick, and life is just chugging along with the two boys. But, I hope to remedy the lack of posting throughout the holiday season! I signed up for an online photography workshop from Kelly Willette. It’s called, “Finding the Holiday Joy“. The course is focusing on photographing all the details of the holiday season, and capturing those little moments. Christopher is very much into the “magic” of Christmas this year – so I am looking forward to learning lots and also preserving the memories from his 4th Christmas! And of course, I’m excited to document Patrick’s first Christmas as well…we can’t forget baby brother! 🙂 I plan to post photos from various assignments on my blog throughout the holiday and New Year. Happy Holidays everyone!

Here are a few pictures from this Thanksgiving!

Wow…I have been posting photos and info on Facebook lately, so the blog has gotten pushed aside for a LONG while. I do still love to go through the old posts and read the memories, so maybe I should start posting again since it’s a good memory-keeper.

Christopher is now 2.5 years old, and is a funny, stubborn, and loveable little boy. He loves “hairplanes”, story time at the library, singing songs, and riding his trike and scooter. He’s growing up! As most of you know (that are even still reading), we are expecting our second little guy in August. So Christopher will have a baby brother!

I think I need to start posting again – just for myself more than anything. 🙂 Maybe I’ll really do it this time!


Christopher has found a new love – football. Our day consists of choo-choos, football, and reading books about choo-choos and football! His dad is of course very excited to have a little football fan. Here’s a quick video:

Last week, we had a busy week of visiting with Christopher’s “Gumpy” and “Ci-Ci”, and then when we finally made it back to San Antonio, we made his first trip to the Children’s Museum as a toddler. We actually went there when he was tiny – maybe 8 weeks old – when I met my “mom friends” for the first time. I didn’t get to stand around and chat this time! I was definitely on the run after Christopher.

Going into the Mini HEB

Going into the "Mini HEB"

Loves to grocery shop...just like Gumpy.

Loves to grocery shop...just like Gumpy.

Trying to taste the bubble solution - yuck!

Trying to taste the bubble solution - yuck!

He had a great time, and now we have a yearly pass, so we can visit a lot this summer to stay out of the heat!

Beach Bum

We’ve spent some time recently at the coast, and Christopher LOVES the beach. He runs into the waves, and only gets a little nervous when the water rises above his knees and he feels unsteady. We stayed for a week at the coast with my inlaws, and it was a nice visit. He had lots of fun with his Mom-Mom and Pa.

Port A May 2009 146

Port A May 2009 168 BW

Port A May 2009 175

Watching the “boots” go by!

Feeding the very hungry (or very aggressive) seagulls!

Cooling off with a juice box after a long day in the sand!